Frequently asked questions.

How is the pen packaged?
Each pen comes in a colorful gift box. Wrapped around the box is an identifying sleeve which is low on branding, making a tasteful presentation gift. Included in the box is a spare refill and instructions for use along with our lifetime warranty

What about refills ?
All our pens have black ink refills and each pen comes with a spare.  The refills are a standard mini refill and we offer them in a pack of three so you never run out - they are also available in most stationery stores, “Staples” and the like.

My pen is tarnished.
The .925 Sterling silver used in our pens tarnishes. If placed in an actively used wallet or purse, most pens burnish to an attractive patina. Some folks prefer more shine. In that case buy one of our ‘silver brite’ polish cloths and shine away. The cloths will last for many years. They pick up the black and look worn but continue to be useable for years. Natural sulfur in our environs cause silver to tarnish. Note that some black leathers are tanned with urea; in those wallets and bags silver turns black quite quickly.

How do I retract the point ?
Hold the pen by the lower barrel and push the ink tip on a piece of paper. The extra push will retract the tip. To reveal the ink, continue holding in the same spot (lower barrel)and push the tail of the pen on a surface to expose the tip. The concept is so simple, there is no mechanism, the retraction works due to the friction between the size of the upper and lower barrel. If resistance ever gets too light one can increase the friction by pulling the two parts apart and spreading the "slit" in the lower barrel, slightly to increase its width.

My clip no longer holds as well as it did.
If the clip ever becomes loose the solution is quite simple. Find a piece of leather or thick fabric and squeeze the clip gently with pliers until it’s as tight as needed. Silver has the ability to be bent many times before problems arise. Or: send it in for a free tune-up every once and awhile. Give this a try. It's guaranteed forever and if you screw it up we'll have a story between us.... or if you'd rather, I can do it for charge. Write on,