I imagine that one can only write elegantly with such an instrument.
— Wendell Berry
I love my little silver pen.
— Mike Mahoney
Very James Bond
— Holiday Recipient in VT
This is such a great product!
— Eleanor E. Atlanta
This is a must have to many if they knew about it. I so love this pen and depend on it!
— DeAnne J
Just to say thanks and more thanks for your totally adorable, practical pen. Wish you really big success with it!
— Amy Gross, Editor - O Magazine
What a wonderfully convenient and handy invention. Thanks Tom!
— Dana Adams
It’s been more than twenty years since I got my first Wallet Pen. I’ve gone through quite a few - not lost but given away to friends and just casually to people who impressed me in some way or other. The key to the pens’ success comes from way back in my Navy days when I was told that a proper naval officer is never caught without a knife and a writing instrument. In the pre-TSA days the pocket knife was never a problem but a pen? I always ran into problems with leaking pens and pencils did’t cut it. Then came the Wallet Pen. Wow! And the TSA doesn’t care! I’m never caught without my Wallet Pen and I’m never at a loss to write down something quickly and easily. Thank you Wallet Pen!
Tom, received my order today... Your pens are my favorite. Bought my first a couple of years ago and have given many as gifts since. It’s probably the most useful thing I carry with me.
— Jeff Chang
If I had just a nickel for every time I’ve had to bum a pen, I’d be able to retire! With this 3” retractable note pen clipped securely in my wallet, I’m always ready to write.
— Timothy Grannis
I write lists on post-it-notes that I stick in my wallet. I’ve kept track of many details for two businesses I run using this system. I am always surprising people when I have a pen even though I am not wearing a suit and carry only a wallet. Thanks for a great product
— Winn Schey, Oriental Antiques
I would like to point out to the world the hardiness of the Wallet Pen. For 5 weeks I hiked the 46 high peaks in the ADK and the wallet pen was with me every step of the way. He was one of my most important possessions as he wrote down the names of the various people I met in my adventures on my notepad. Without the WP, my summer and the photographs taken would not have the context needed to give them a true meaning.

They are sturdy, simple, and well crafted. They write in the sun and in the rain. The WP found a home in my pocket with my notepad and was there whenever I needed him. I can not express how well the wallet pen excelled at being so much more than just a pen, nor can I truly express how strong willed such a small creation has such a large heart. That heart is given to each pen from the time they are birthed from the man who has a strong and kind heart himself. For the wallet pen is not some ordinary pen but much more than that, it becomes a part of you. The pen is no longer an it but a he or she. The pen is no longer a utensil but a friend, a companion, a buddy, a chum. He will look to you for love and attention and you will look to him for companionship and ability to preform under pressure. He will come through for you in the pinch and you will come through for him when he is lost, dropped, stepped on, soaked through, muddy, gritty, and loved. You will find him, you will clean him, you will take care of him because if you do those things then he will be the most dependable companion you can have.

So stop using those plastic lifeless mass produced pens. They have no heart, they have no soul. They will not be there for you when you need them most. They will not listen when you need to talk. They will bend, break and snap under pressure. They are one night stands. There will be no attempt to refill and rejuvenate them. And if you did try, well then they will probably explode in your hand turning your hands black, they will explode in your pockets, destroying your pants for public eye, they will leak on the page, blurring the words, they will die in the rain or in the mud or even in the sun. They are not the wallet pen. They are made with lesser ideals, lesser morals, lesser minds.

No longer shall you always be searching for that one time false friend, no longer will you be wishing you had a rock to rest on, a friend to depend on, a lover to be steady with. The Wallet Pen will be there for you. Will you be there for the Wallet Pen?
— Cam West, High Peaks in Adirondack Park